Project description

CWD System

The DECK Engineering CWD system is an automated system to clean well and dry drill pipes. It cleans pipe threads from mud and dirt, covers them with a phosphate layer and then dries them by ultraviolet light, ensuring your pipes are both clean and protected.  

This is a revolutionary system of the newest generation for the maintenance of drill pipes and caissons. With a lifting capacity up to 4536 kg / 10 000 lbs., the capability to handle and clean pipe lengths of 13.4 meters with pipe diameters up to 26 inches, the CWD system has a capacity to perform at a rate of 2 pipes per hour on your job site.

Key Features

Pipes are moved between working stations using specially designed automatic pipe racks and manipulators reducing the need for expensive cranes or any manual handling.

The DECK Engineering CWD system is compact and mobile and its dimensions and weight make it suitable for transportation by standard trucks.

Designed and manufactured with the latest in modern technologies, fulfilling the most stringent standard requirements in terms of health and safety.

Its ease of use makes it a one man operation which will help when it comes to staffing and resource planning.

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