DECK Engineering have a proven track-record in performing the structural analysis for various applications across the industries we work in. Our Structural Calculations service is a core discipline of our business. It allows us to serve our clients at the highest level and deliver superior quality products consistently.

Structural Calculations services at DECK

Key software that our skilled Engineers use for your structural calculations are Ansys for FEM and linear calculations, and SMath studio for theoretical calculations. The biggest value we can bring to your project is the lifelong experience and uncompromised quality of the calculations we deliver. 

Common Structural Calculations we carry out for our clients include:
  • Dynamic/Static calculations
  • Non-linear/linear calculations
  • Fatigue calculations
  • Impact calculations
  • Thermal-mechanics calculations
  • Seismic calculations
  • Explosion calculations
  • Positive/negative (vacuum) calculations
  • Pressure loading calculations for tanks
  • Modal analysis calculations
Our responsible Engineers at DECK are certified in accordance with EQF (European Qualification Framework) Levels 7 and 8. This grants us the authority to sign-off your structural calculation reports.

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