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Engineering and EPC company
with extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of wide
range of equipment for

Oil & Gas, Offshore, Marine
and Machine-building industries

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Our Services include

Mechanical engineering

Deck Engineering has extensive Mechanical Engineering experience that can bring measurable value to your project.

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Structural calculations

DECK Engineering has a proven track-record in performing the structural analysis for various applications across the industries we work in.

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Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC)

We offer comprehensive range of turn-key solutions for a diversified range of mechanical products and lifting & handling equipment for the Marine, Offshore, Oil & Gas, and Machine-building industries.

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Latest Projects

Some of our reference work includes a range of turn-key solutions for the Marine, Offshore, Oil & Gas, and Machine-building industries along with completed Structural calculations and Mechanical engineering.

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Our Values

We are Open

We value our clients and open to our client needs and new technology developments by teaming with industry specialists and clients personnel.

We are Competent

We value our employees and aim to keep co-operative and comfortable work environment with challenging and rewarding assignments, developing competencies and continuously increasing qualifications and skills.

We are Partners

We value our partners and continuously develop the partnership with scientific organizations, universities and professional associations.

We are Innovative

We value innovative technologies and approach to create timely cost effective and realistic projects which maximise value for our clients.

We value Safety

We value safety, environment and social responsibility and aim to develop environmentally friendly technologies.

We are Flexible

We value flexibility, always act professionally, ethically and honestly, adopt to our client's needs.

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