DECK Engineering is a multi-discipline Engineering and EPC company with extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of wide range of equipment for Oil&Gas, Offshore, Marine and Machine-building industries. Our experienced management and personnel execute projects from study phase through to completion covering all stages and providing exceptional support, as a consequence our conceptual engineering has strong practical influence.

Majority of our services and products are exported to Norway, Finland, Denmark and Russia. But the final destination of the equipment is various global locations on land and on sea in a very different environments and climate conditions. Our equipment works in the salty aggressive environments, underwater, in extremely cold or hot and dry conditions, humid tropical climates, explosive (ATEX) environments indoor or outside.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the reliable, credible and preferable partner in the execution of EPC projects by providing innovative, high quality and on time engineering services for our clients around the world.

Our Vision

Our vision is to offer engineering solutions and a wide range of services for both developers and fabricators being the strategic partner for our clients. We are passionate to build the company, where employees feel comfortable and our clients are satisfied.

Our Values


We value our clients and open to our client needs and new technology developments by teaming with industry specialists and clients personnel.


We value our employees and aim to keep co-operative and comfortable work environment with challenging and rewarding assignments, developing competencies and continuously increasing qualifications and skills.


We value innovative technologies and approach to create timely cost effective and realistic projects which maximise value for our clients.


We value safety, environment and social responsibility and aim to develop environmentally friendly technologies.


We value flexibility, always act professionally, ethically and honestly, adopt to our client's needs.


We value flexibility, always act professionally, ethically and honestly, adopt to our client's needs.